Le Giornate del Cinema Muto / Pordenone Silent Film Festival
32nd Edition (5–12 October 2013)

Preliminary tweets before the festival

Tweets durung the festival

  • Blancanieves opened the Pordenone Silent Film Festival. Hmm… What is a silent film really?
  • If the image in well polished but the recorded sound very saturated, somethings is wrong… and I am unable to appreciate the movie!
  • Interlaced video and progressive scan are different thing. Really. – And deinterlacing has nothing to do with magic. Really.
  • According to the programme at the Verdi, 63.7% of the silent films have been released on 35 mm, 34.7% on DCP and 1.6% on other formats.
  • I’m missing at least one technical session at this year’s Collegium. One proposal could be: deinterlacing between magic and science.
  • According to the weather forecast on Wednesday it should be a little sunny. Otherwise, no excuses, you must watch movies!
  • Hier soir j’ai pris le fric avec un petit mousqueton.
  • .@ng_yvonne I’m a fan of the FFmpeg movement and of the FFv1 codec. You can use it within a Matroska container. Hi #iasa2013 form #gcm32!
  • «17.8 fps» ~ David Robinson
    (I heard only this fragment of a discussion he had this morning with a charming lady.)
  • What’s the fee? RT @silentlondon: Thinking of forming a Karin Swanström fan club. Who wants to join?
  • Seen from the long winter in the north of Sweden, London is a very sunny city indeed.
  • Had a business dinner with Livio Jacob and Aldo Bernardini last evening. ~ Feeling important!
  • When modern technology fails, a live translation of the inter-titles during the screening in the theatre succeeds. Danke!
  • An impressive, gorgeous shot of a big bridge with in the top of the image a little train passing from left to right. (Corrick Coll.)
  • [For a future Collegium:] How can the division into acts be respected in a DCP exhibition, without destroying narration’s rhythm?
  • Traditional quick lunch w/ Carlo Montanaro & funny subtitling team working from 08:50 till late night: Evelyn Dewald & Edward Catalini
  • Suicide attempts and hurting teeth have been the most relevant subjects of this afternoon’s rediscoveries.
  • Cigarette smoke and running water are very photogenic indeed. Yet also chemical film decomposition sometimes can be so.
  • Gratitude obsédante (Lux, FR 1912) a aussi des couleurs qui parfois deviennent vraiment obsédantes. ~ Ou est-ce moi?
  • Not only on the screen: the weatherman is bad to us too! Felix the Cat Weathers the Weather by Otto Messmer (USA 1926).
  • The fascinating time when cinema was somewhere between silent and sound film: Konstgjorda Svensson by Gustaf Edgren (Sweden 1929).
  • Many years ago I saw a horrible 16 mm copy of Menschen untereinander. I have been very happy to see it again, restored and as a DCP!
  • Why does one completely stabilise the image vertically, but not horizontally? I definitely disagree with!
    #digital #film #restoration
  • In my opinion, the #minimal #density of a photochemical «original» film should be considered also when establishing its digital copy.
  • Is there really nowhere a better, brighter copy of the masterpiece Scherben by Lupu Pick (German 1921) available?
  • A long and interesting programme on Joly-Normandin films. An almost square image is nice too: an antidote for today’s 16:9 hysteria?
  • You like in 5-perf square 35 mm images? Don’t miss Irela Núñez del Pozo’s book Henri-Joseph Joly: quando lo schermo era quadrato.
  • A workshop on correct DCP encoding of legacy films should take place next year in Bern – and perhaps also in København and Bologna.
  • «O tempora, o tempestates!»
    ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero attending #gcm32 this morning
  • Fascinating «abstract» interferences in the foreground at the beginning of Prince of Wales visits Launceston by Leonard Corrick.
  • The photography of Brigandage moderne by Ferdinand Zecca (France 1905) is outstanding. Could watch to it for hours without a plot.
  • Ah, the old good times! During a car race one participant could stop and watch another’s accident: Circuit de Dieppe 1907.
  • I hope the full Ironie della vita by Mario Roncoroni (Italy 1917) will be found soon. The shown fragment is promising & intriguing!
  • #gcm32 is over… Sadly I will not be able to attend #gcm33, because it takes place during the same week as #amia14. I am so unhappy!

An additional tweet after the festival