Le Giornate del Cinema Muto / Pordenone Silent Film Festival
31st Edition (6–13 October 2012)

Preliminary tweets before the festival

Tweets during the festival

  • I appreciated Maud Nelissen’s scores for Les aventures de Robinson Crusoé by Georges Méliès (F 1902) and The Patsy by King Vidor
  • I’m happy having met Joshua Yumibe IRL. His outstanding Moving Color is a reference for my next course:
  • A funny animation of matches today: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X (Die geheimnisvolle Streichholzdose by Guido Seeber, D 1910).
  • This afternoon interesting talk with Céline Ruvio about technical issues between #analogue and #digital. And cinema theatre #organs.
  • Since yesterday I am wondering at what speed Fischer Olas Tiefseeabenteuer (D 1929) was screened: 21 fps?
  • The restoration of The Goose Woman by Robert Gitt (UCLA) is really outstanding. He used two 16 mm diacetate copies.
  • Why all those horizontal scratches in the middle of Dombey and Son by Maurice Elvey (GB 1917)? Improper handling?
  • One and a half hours «Oh! Mother-in-law»!
  • Sports of Many Lands (USA 1929) is a film in #Technicolor («A colorant picture») with interesting #red decomposition.
  • I guess The Show of Shows (USA 1929) is indeed a great show… unfortunately only four seconds of it are preserved ;-(
  • And How (USA 1930) shows a kind of pow wow. Colours and contrast aren’t gorgeous, and music is missing… Yet valuable #Technicolor test!
  • The Stage-Coach Driver and the Girl contains some insider humour: the insert shot of the payroll letter (see the catalogue note).
  • Autour des versions de Voyage autour d’une étoile de Gaston Velle: Pathé, France & Cines, Italy (1906) + 28 mm diacetate reduction.
  • Yesterday dinner with the most distinguished party on earth! Sorry, I am not kidding you!
  • I’ve been disappointed by the little content at the presentation of «The Manaki Brothers: A new digital restoration».
  • «Are you ready for #digital #projection?» was a very good seminar by Torkell Sætervadet. Looking forward to the update of his bible!
  • «Beware of White Papers!» ~ Torkell Sætervadet #WhitePaper #DCP
  • Hans Steinhoff’s work need to be analysed more carefully. His Familientag im Hause Prellstein (D 1927) is quite interesting.
  • Stephen Horne’s music accompaniment of Jenseits der Straße (Leo Mittler, D 1929) was very gorgeous. And I appreciated the film too.
  • I would like to live in a city with an «Electric Bar». #ElectricBar
  • I loved many intertitles of Jenseits der Straße, e.g. this one:
    Wer denkt darüber nach
    zwischen Mokka und Zigarre?
  • The music accompaniment by John Sweeney for «Phono-Cinéma-Théâtre» – and the show itself – was a great experience for me!
  • Unfortunately the DCP used for the «Phono-Cinéma-Théâtre» show was poor. The high number of visible digital errors has disturbed me.
  • Lots of fascinating meetings: working on a Welt-Kinematograph programme for a next edition… Any suggestion is welcome!
  • Due to the strikes in Italy the Pordenone Silent Film Festival has been extended by one month.
  • You like in 5-perf square 35 mm images? Don’t miss Irela Núñez del Pozo’s book Henri-Joseph Joly: quando lo schermo era quadrato.
  • Of all Soviet silent film star, Anna Sten (1906–1993) enjoyed the most breathtaking, unpredictable – and finally anti-climatic career.
  • Lohnbuchhalter Kremke, the sole feature film directed by Marie Harder (D 1930), remembers me the actual financial crisis.
  • Stürme der Leidenschaft by Robert Siodmak (D 1931) is a hybrid silent-sound film, having intertitles and sound, yet not a talkie.
  • The very best speech at the closing evening was undoubtedly Pierre Étaix’: silent, precise, elegant and funny indeed!
  • «You are a man in a million.» Today that’s one out of 6974. I’m wondering how was the situation at the end of silent cinema.
  • Grazie mille to the organisers, staff and volunteers! Grazie mille to the pianists and musicians! Grazie mille to the audience!
  • The 32nd edition of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival will take place from 5th to 12th of October 2013. #gcm32

Additional tweet after the festival