Alan Stark Award 2016
A Laudtweetio for Dave Rice

Dave Rice started a promising career in film preservation at a renowned school in Rochester, NY. There he learned that:

It’s very important to keep your archival advocacy slogans cool… and dry.1

At a certain point something went wrong, and he came in touch with… video. Hopefully he still had film in mind:

I’m inventing the YUV color separation film for those preserving video tape to film. Consists on a 35 mm print with two 16 mm prints.2

Then he delved not only deep, but very deep, and then even deeper into digital and file formats:

Announcing a new archival file format for long-term annoyance:



Finally, he became even worse and began to write software which is… open and free! I will mention here only one example from so many.

Dave is the original creator of vrecord, a software developed during an AMIA HackDay and hosted on AMIA’s Open Source GitHub repository. This piece of software takes advantage of open source video digitisation software for automated digitisation of video.

His intense, profound and generous activity inspired numerous people in our community, including me. It’s a real privilege for me, and a great pleasure as well, to present Dave Rice the Alan Stark Award for 2016.

Reto Kromer