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Regeneration in Digital Context: Early Black Film
15–16 October 2013 at the Black Film Center/Archive, Indiana University, in Bloomington, ID

  • A digital bench for archives as an additional tool for film analysis?
  • OCVE could be an inspiration for variants/versions comparisons of film:
  • What’s about an interactive filmography on afro-american cinema?
  • Many exciting ideas for future research on early black cinema by using digital tools. And also for edition of materials.
  • Mike Mashon advocates for a stronger collaboration between archives and scholars.
  • Brian Graney investigates the materiality of the film strip. With gorgeous slides.
  • Last presenter: Doug Reside, speaking very fast. Approximately 4–5 words per second, I guess…
  • John Walsh on embedding metadata, using a document displayed at the UI Cinema he photographed yesterday with an iPhone.
  • Will Cowan on #omeka
  • Andy Uhrich presents many funny tool to analyse image content. (And to create new content.) Yet what’s about sound?
  • The workshop on digitisation and digital issues is running smooth… and deep.
  • RT @jauhrich: @RetoKromer on #digitalpreservation: the archive must be able to work with the formats it produces
  • I guess #absence could be the main title of the last panel this afternoon. And now for the closing roundtable.
  • Thank you very much, Mike Mashon! Your presentation has been the best ever: I have just to continue at the workshop tomorrow.
  • Very exciting morning with a mix of points of view, combining content, related materials and technical driven investigations.
  • My account is not working, therefore I cannot tweet from this conference. Sorry!
  • Keynote Film, Race & Archives – The Odyssey of a Film Maker & Curator by Shola Lynch. A biography from the field.
  • Regeneration in Digital Context: Early Black Film, at BFC/A, IU in Bloomington, Indiana, on 15–16 November 2013.