Morning Times

Bastards of the world, unite in Raleigh, NC!
~ the full Marx family

Bastard Film Encounter
25–27(–28) April 2013 in Raleigh, NC

Preliminary tweet

  • Some bastards are still missing at Raleigh, NC, from 25 to 27 (even better to 28) April!

Tweets during the conference

  • Arghhh! A bastard landed at RDU this afternoon.
  • What is a #bastardfilm? Marsha Gordon and Skip Eisheimer are answering all your questions.
  • No excuses, one knows where one must be!
  • «Quality is illusory. This weekend we will prove it.»
    ~ Andrew Lampert
  • It’s proven: (analogue) film projection is eternal! Keynote speaker Andrew Lampert failed to destroy a projector & a film reel.
  • Just in case: the screening-intensive conversations are opening with coffee & pastries. It’s called #bastardfilm and happens now in Raleigh.
  • Are the «real bastards» or the «bastard bastards» the real bastards? This is the real question. Yet any reel here should be a #bastardfilm.
  • We need desperately to de-professionalise the profession in order to preserve these misbegotten moving images.
  • My technique thrills you
    You’re about to pop
    Don’t worry boy,
    I’m not gonna stop.
    Good morning! #bastardfilm continues.
  • The Day After Bingo! Why Suffering? Ukulele!
  • The beauty of #Kodachrome… Full Mouth Extraction!
    [sorry, dead link]
  • We Are the World, Stephanie Sapienza’s outstanding closing remarks at #bastardfilm
  • Wings of Desire – Yesterday the heavens over Raleigh was a little tearing… today even more. Goodbye, #bastardfilm, goodbye!
  • Kudos to Skip, Marsha, Katrina and Dwight for #bastardfilm! I had lot of fun, and incidentally it was the best «conference» I attended ever.