25,4 mm open reel desks

Wow! 25,4 mm open reel desks at the NAVCC!

AMIA Conference
6–9 November 2013 in Richmond, VA

Preliminary tweets by @RetoKromer

Preliminary tweet by @retoch

Tweets from Richmond by @RetoKromer

  • Lots of exciting pre-conference activities are going on today: NAVCC visit and four workshops!
  • MT @real_ajlawrence [AJ Lawrence]: Dino Everett explains [with body and soul] the pros and cons of auto load projectors
  • Board meeting.
  • RT @dericed [Dave Rice]: Wait, transferring 35mm film to paper prints is no longer "best practice". [ * insert sound of wax cylinder needle scratch * ]
  • Open Source Committee keeps going, yeah!
  • RT @mistydemeo [Misty De Meo]: Games are one of the most complex kind of multimedia to archive
  • QC tools, built using lots of maths, can be very entertaining.
  • Y & U & V, max, min, average, lo, hi
  • The power of #opensource software tools serves quality control tools for video preservation (#QCTools). Great work in progress!
  • RT @ponymeat [Nicole!]: Really excited about the video game preservation panel at 2pm. I’m looking to the complex world of gaming for inspiration!
  • Nitrate is still alive! Most probably at the next #bastardfilm (in Raleigh in 2015) we will manufacture some.
  • RT @dericed [Dave Rice]: It’s very important to keep your archival advocacy slogans cool … and dry.
  • The new research by the University of Wisconsin on #nitrate film stock indicates that it is less dangerous as myths are pretending.
  • The clips on nitrate combustion have been shot digitally. Sadly not on nitrate film stock…
  • And now from nitrate to DCP.
  • DSM > DCDM > DCP. DSM is not a format for archiving. DCDM can be used by the archive, but it is heavy. JPEG 2000 (DCP) is complex.
  • There is the ISO/DIS 18943 standard about hard disk drive conservation.
  • RT @mistydemeo [Misty De Meo]: Never, never, never accept an encrypted DCP
  • Preserving DCP is do-able for archives, but it’s a complex task! Thank you @shirapeltzman [Shira Peltzman] for the clear presentation.
  • The art of rebooting.
  • RT @mistydemeo [Misty De Meo]: …we already had interoperability problems. Technology, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Please don’t forget the opposite view.
  • A great resource! RT @ng_yvonne [Yvonne Ng]: The #amia13 #AVhack13 wiki here:
  • RT @gracelile [Grace Lile]: #amia13 #hackday projects are awesome, and especially fantastic to see so many women driving tech innovation
  • It’s really a good thing to have improved the #FFmpeg documentation for the end user, realising a wiki on GitHub. Thanks a lot!
  • Marsha Gordon presents Edison’s Home Kinetoscpe (22 mm with 3 different items on 1 media) – and Dino Everett runs it. Just amazing!
  • Sadly I have to leave the EVR (= Electronic Video Recording) presentation… for an AMIA board meeting. See you at #orphans9
  • Nitrate Committee meeting: we need justifications and scientific evidence for the changes on fire reglementations.
  • You can build your one tape cleaner for as little as USD 137.
  • How much is needed? 8 bit, 10 bit? What about an 1 bit depth scan?
  • This is a good alternative to the Blackmagic SDK! RT @rufusderham [Rufus de Rham]: Bmdtools on GitHub
  • RT @ng_yvonne [Yvonne Ng]: In time that @avgeeks was talking, @dericed made capture in 4 formats, with frame level checksums, with his laptop
  • There will be a film out onto 3 mm nitrate film. I guess. RT @rufusderham [Rufus de Rham]: Real question is who is archiving the #amia13 twitter feed