AMIA Conference
15–19 November 2011 in Austin, TX

Tweets by @RetoKromer

  • Two workshops are run today: «Can My Archive Live Forever?» and «Working on the Austin History Center’s 16mm Film Library».
  • Very close to the #amia11 hotel. RT @KitOConnell: Circling up in the middle of thed street at south side of bridge. #ows #occupyaustin
  • Starting very soon: «A #PBCore Cataloging Workshop». And this afternoon: «The Reel Thing Technical Symposium».
  • «The Reel Thing» has remembered
    Alan Stark (1945–2011)
    preservationist, musician, mensch
  • As long as the digital tools improve, the more important become ethical considerations on preservation and restoration.
  • Chemical sound fade by bleaching the negative has been the state of the art at the beginning of sound cinema.
  • Perhaps we aren’t foolish: we are not the only that record back onto 16 mm film after the digital restoration has been done.
  • Is there someone out who is using PiratePad in order to take notes from the sessions?
  • EN 15907 Standard: #Film identification – Enhancing interoperability of #metadata – Element sets and structures
  • A new version will be published soon. «YouTube Creator Playbook», v1.0, July 2011
    [sorry, dead link] (PDF, 14.3 MB)
  • The Preservation Committee wishes to distillate solid founded resources for the field from the AMIA-L’s greatest hits.
  • After the tsunami in Japan: shortage of magnetic tapes. After the flooding in Thailand: shortage of hard disk drives.
  • The #Audiovisual #Artifact Atlas is fundamental for the field!
    #digitalisation #archives
  • «The Digital Dilemma 2» report (perspective of independent filmmakers, documentarians, nonprofit AV archives) published in Dec 2011.
  • Alas, the Digital Issues Committee seems to have some difficulties. Volunteers are invited to contact the chair or the board liaison.
  • .@archivesnews (NARA) has published some useful resources
    #digitalisation #archives
  • Outstanding session «Digitization, Reboot!» with @dericed, @AVGeeks and @footage. E.g. quick tutorial on #ffmpeg command line.
  • FFmpeg (w/ libavcodec) is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream #audio and #video
  • The tsunami in Japan caused also a shortage of spare parts for video recorders. Digitalise your old video cassette collections now!
  • The amazing session «Fatally Flawed Film Formats» included also the Swiss 16 mm 3-D format by Bolex with Kern lenses.
  • For the first time in my life I have seen a Pathé’s 4.75 mm film… in an old fashioned analogue projection! Just awesome!!!
  • Dinner at @threadgills with a party of students and colleagues.
  • Complains during the General Membership Meeting about bad and expensive WiFi, and suggestions for next year by @rufusderham et al.
  • Many thanks to all: speakers and attendees, organisers and sponsors of #amia11. Safe travel home. And see you next year with improved 2.0!